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Five years ago I started to get interested in trading. I started like everyone, watching videos on youtube, free pages on trading, etc. But still, I wanted more. I started looking for professional courses on trading. As you know there are lots of courses on the Internet that offer you the holy grail for a large amount of money, but really the "Holy Grail" in trading does not exist. The fact is that I found a professional course on trading that cost €3000.

During that time, it was a lot of money to me. Then I asked for a loan from the bank so I could finally do my professional trading course. After 6 months, I still did not see results, I did not know how to make my own list of pre-market stocks or operate in the market successfully. In short, I spent money on different courses and time to not get what I was really looking for. It was a long way and many times I thought about leaving because it seemed that beating the market was impossible until one day I met an institutional trader from the United States. It was then that I really learned what the stock market is, the hands behind it and who are the ones who really move the market.

What I am looking for with this course of Day trade the market, is to avoid all those years of suffering, of money and time and to show that anyone can do it, with patience and effort.

I want to show that to learn trading you do not need to have large amounts of money as many think. I want to give that opportunity to everyone and teach them that with a not very large capital they can also learn and operate in the market successfully. Ask me and my team how.