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Day Trade The Market

Fundamentals course of day trading.

Course available in:

  • Spanish

  • English

  • Russian (Coming soon)

       Created in association with a current institutional trader of Wall Street, USA, With         a institutional trader license


Summary of the course:

Advance trading course of 3 months based on the technical analysis method  80% and fundamental analysis 20%.

The method of analysis and the existing strategies to negotiate shares (Stocks), is from an institutional point of view, taking into account the movement and the traces that the institutional investors / traders leave in the market.

Consists of:

  • 8 Modules step by step information.

  • 10 Investment strategies for all personality types.

  • Basic trading platform.

  • Daily tutorials in our private chatroom.

  • Participation to share ideas and trading opportunities daily with other students live

  • Live trading with the teacherfor a week sharing his screen.

At the end of the course, all students are given the opportunity to participate in a challenge to get a real account of $ 14,000 completely free with one of the trading firms with which we have our agreement. In case the student does not want to participate in this challenge, they are given the opportunity to open an account in one of our associated platforms in preferential terms at a special price from $ 400 to open an account of $ 14,000 or for only $ 2,700 to get $ 80,000 dollars and other opportunities.

Who is this course for?


It allows you to quickly master all the concepts and basic methods to advanced of trading the American market such as:


  • NYSE

  • AMEX

Earn an average of $ 50 - $ 100 per day for a few hours and decide how much you like this profession


Traders with experience

  • If it was not possible to obtain the desired earnings or results after learning with other courses or as a trader on your own, this course will contribute a point in favor and fill the gaps in the missing knowledge.

  • The 10 strategies presented in this course are absolutely proven and precise.

What are institutional traders / investors?

Institutional Investors

investors represent half of the volume of operations on the New York Stock Exchange. they are the stars of the market. When you see large movements in an action, they are always generated from an institutional investor (s). They trade with the capital of investors and create fluctuations in the market by buying or selling a large number of shares for profit. For this reason you do not want to be on the opposite side of them and swim against the current.

Our advantage

The Key

To influence the movement of the market requires a large amount of capital and a private individual Trader does not have those big money that institutions can move.

This is what the institutional investors of Wall Street do.

Thanks to this course, you will understand what is behind every market movement, how to recognize the actions and manipulations of these institutions and use this information to your benefit.


8 Modules included

  1. Trading Psychology.

  2. The market.

  3. Market makers.

  4. Institutional Investors - the institutional indicator.

  5. Risk management - Track record.

  6. Charting - Pre market Watch list.

  7. Set ups - strategies (10).

  8. Trading platform - scanners.